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Importers and Distributors of Solar Hybrid Inverters, Grid Tie Inverters, MPPT Charge Controllers, Cables and Connectors.


 Home / Office Power Backup Inverter - 6000w (6 KW) capacity

Off-line inverter can provide backup for 25 to 30 PCs with 19" LCD Monitors or a combined load of 3000w (mixed load of home appliances), for 2 hours with 4x150 Ah = 600 Ah C10 rated batteries. Upgradeable up to 1800 Ah battery bank. Can be used for Home / Office.

This imported inverter can run a 1.5 Ton Aircon very comfortably.

Inverter Features:
Large graphical display - For easy monitoring of inverter & battery status
Battery Desulfation circuit builtin - For reconditioning of the battery bank
Overcharge / Over discharge Protection
And all other standard features

Price : Rs.1,60,000 net (price includes 4 nos. 150Ah batteries).


 Solar Home-Power Systems From Nag Impex With MPPT Charge Controller

5 to 6 Units* a Day System -- Price: Rs. 1,49,065/- Offer Price from 1st Jan 2015: Rs.1,39,173/- 1 KW system (1000 Watts Panel/AJB/1 KW Inv/ MPPT CC/150 AH Bat Bank) Runs 800 Watts Load (or all appliances within 800 watts). Backup time 2 hrs+.

8 to 9 Units* a Day System -- Price: Rs. 2,34,955/- 1.5 KW System (1500 Watts Panel/AJB/2 KW Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as Above Can be upgraded to 600 AH) Runs 1,200 Watts Load (or all appliances within 1,200 watts) for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

10 to 12 Units* a Day System -- Price: Rs. 2,85,880/- 2 KW System (2000 Watts Panel/AJB/ Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as above Can be up graded to 800 AH) Runs 1,600 Watts Load (or all appliances within 1,600 watts) for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

16 to 18 Units* a Day System -- Price: Rs. 4,88,700/- 3 KW System (3000 Watts Panel/AJB/Inv/ MPPT CC/Same as Above Can be Upgraded to 1200 AH) Runs 2,500 Watts Load (or all appliances within 2,500 watts) + Air-Con for 5 to 6 Hours or Less Load for More Hours. Call for latest price.

* = On all sunny days with clear sky

Note : Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

Our Inverters are imported from Taiwan - Warranty 5 years +
MPPT Charge Controllers are from USA and Taiwan - Warranty 5 years to 15 year
Solar panels - 25 Years Warranty (10 years 90 % + 15 years 80% performance)

We have been in the field of electronics for over 25 years and in the solar power industry for 15 years. We are direct importers of inverters, MPPT charge controllers, BOS etc from Taiwan, USA, Singapore and China.

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 Our recent Solar Power System installations in Chennai

Smart and well-informed customers buy our solar power systems.
Please call us and come in for a FREE consultation. We SAVE you money.
FREE consulting hours 10 A.M. to 12 P.M and 3 P.M to 6 P.M only

  The Functional Difference between Home Inverter Battery Backup and Solar      Power Inverter Battery Backup

When connected to home inverter, the battery is charged from the grid supply and it is always in fully charged condition. When the grid fails the battery starts giving power supply to load.

But when the battery bank is connected to solar power system, the battery is only partially charged because the solar power is shared between the load and the battery. The power which is coming from the solar panels is mainly used to power the load and only if there is surplus power, it is stored in the battery bank. In this case your battery is not fully charged, at all times, so when power grid fails at night time, your battery will give you backup for less time than expected.

To solve this problem you need to install Hybrid inverter or Bidirectional Hybrid inverter with battery backup. With this system your battery is always in a fully charged condition and will be ready to supply the load for the intended/full backup time.

 Special Offer on 1KW Solar Power System

Note: Transportation charges extra.
Cables according to site requirement and any required masonry work will be at extra cost.
MCB, Solar to Grid Change over switch, DB box and other add-on (according to site requirement) at extra cost.

We design and install Solar Power Systems for Home and Office/Business ranging from 1KW to 10KW power capacity.   For more info click here »

Home Solar Power System Explained

How much does it cost?

Solar Power System Selection Guide

Complete Solar Power System Packages

Magazine/Newspaper Articles & Ads

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 Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Power Conditioning Units

Statcon single phase Off-Grid PCUs with MPPT Charge Controller are available from 1KVA to 20KVA. Solar Hybrid PCUs with MPPT Charge Controller -- Single phase & Three phase -- are also available. Single phase Off-Grid PCUs with MPPT Charge Controller of 1KVA & 2KVA capacity readily available ex stock.

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 Solar Power System Design and Installation Services

 PIR Motion Sensor Energy Saving Switches

Reduce power consumption using PIR Occupancy Sensor switches. Ceiling mount, Wall mount & retrofit PIR motion sensor energy saving switches. For further details & your requirement call us on (+9144)28142600.

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High performance Online UPS for Servers, Data centers, Networking, VoIP and Telecommunications
 FREE Solar Electric Power System Buyer's Guide
This buyer's guide answers the following questions and more.
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The Real Benefits of Solar Electric Energy System
Environmental Benefits
What is in it for you
Incentives/Subsidy from Government
Sizing your Home Solar Energy System
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Ready To Use Solar Power Packages for Home or Office

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Project your message in bright eye-catching colors and attract the attention of your customers. More info »
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